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When Do You Fertilize Lawns in Florida?

While Florida has a long growing season, it doesn't get a true winter. This can mean that lawns need to be fertilized in the fall and spring. Here's how to determine when you need to fertilize your lawn in Florida:

Fertilize St. Augustine grass

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There are several ways to fertilize St. Augustine grass. Depending on the climate of your lawn, St. Augustine grass needs between two and six applications of fertilizer per year. Apply a balanced fertilizer two to three times per year to encourage healthy growth. Fertilizers that are water-soluble should be applied early in the growing season. Fertilizing late in the growing season may stunt the regrowth the following spring. Alternatively, you can use a slow-release fertilizer at periodic intervals throughout the growing season.

While St. Augustine grass is an exceptionally beautiful lawn, regular fertilization is required to keep it healthy. Choosing the right fertilizer isn't rocket science, but it's not as easy as picking any bag of fertilizer from a garden supply store. In addition, proper care and feeding of St. Augustine sod should be incorporated into your regular lawn care routine. However, you can follow these simple steps to make sure your turf is flourishing.

Watering regularly is essential for healthy grass growth. Apply 1/4 to half an inch of water once or twice a day. Apply one or two more times a day if you experience dry spells. In the shade, your lawn should be at least three inches tall. During the summer, water the grass more frequently than during the winter months. Aerating the lawn in the spring will prevent thatch buildup and help fertilizer penetrate the soil.

Fertilize St. Augustine grass in the fall

To have a beautiful lawn, you need to fertilize St. Augustine grass regularly. Fertilizing this type of grass isn't rocket science, but it does require some knowledge. It needs a good balance of nitrogen, iron, and other nutrients to grow and thrive. The right fertilizer can help your lawn grow thicker and healthier. It also helps control weeds and pests. You should use 5 pounds of pure nitrogen per thousand square feet of lawn.

If you don't want to deal with weeds in your lawn, you can apply approved herbicides to prevent them. These products stop the weeds from sprouting and kill their emerging seedlings. Make sure to read the label to avoid any side effects. Proper maintenance will ensure a healthy St. Augustine lawn for many years. For best results, follow the steps mentioned above.

If you live in a warm climate, you can fertilize St. Augustine grass anytime of the year. However, if you live in a cooler climate, fertilize the grass about 3 weeks after the first signs of greening. In general, a granular, slow-release fertilizer should be applied every eight to twelve weeks. You should use a standard lawn spreader to apply the dry fertilizer. Soluble fertilizers, on the other hand, need a sprayer to be effective.

Fertilize St. Augustine grass in the spring

In the spring, Fertilize St. Augustine grass in Florida with a high nitrogen and iron fertilizer. You can use both granular and liquid fertilizers to provide the right nutrients for your lawn. For the best results, use a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer. Apply one to 1.5 pounds of nitrogen per 1,000 square feet of lawn every eight to ten weeks. Starter Fertilizer from Yard Mastery is a good choice. It will provide the nutrients your new sod needs.

This fertilizer will also kill off broadleaf weeds. However, you should not over-fertilize your lawn with this type of fertilizer as this may damage the grass. In addition, you should not cut your grass too short. It will look patchy and sparse, and its leaves will be exposed to the soil. If you cut St. Augustine grass too short, it will not have enough nutrients to grow properly.

In southern Florida, you can fertilize St. Augustine grass in the spring. However, in Central and Northern Florida, you should fertilize St. Augustine grass in the spring at least two or three weeks before the grass starts turning green. Applying fertilizer late in the year will damage tender new growth. You should fertilize your lawn in the spring and fall to maintain its health. Alternatively, you can fertilize St. Augustine grass in Florida throughout the year.

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